Robert PARKER Jr.

Painted with Beaux Freres, pinot noir 2001

A Contemporary Court Painter

While intriguing and masterful, Dufrenoy’s technique is not exactly revolutionary in the art world. Judith Ott Allen, art history professor ar Savannah College of art and Design in Savannah,Ga.,says painting with wine is nothing new. “It’s used in the background of some renaissance paintings. Wines have always been used as a dye,” Allen says.Not only is Dufrenoy’s technique centuries old, but his method of selling the paintings, which start at about $4,000 each, echoes one classic and contemporary artists.

“He’s really a contemporary court painter,” Allen says. “in court painting and selling the portraits, Andy Warhol went from one court to another taking Polaroid pictures of counts and countesses and then sold them for $20,000.”

Wine Report