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    Philippe Dufrenoy
    is passionate. He always split his life as an engineer with a passion for the arts: jazz, photography, and now first of all .... painting. Ten years ago, Dufrenoy was sitting at a small bistro in Bordeaux, doing what the Bordelais prefer most in life, drinking a glass of local red wine. He just had been laid off from his job as a construction engineer. Suddenly, the idea came to him: why not use the wine to make art? He was carrying a paint brush and dipped it into the glass, then splashed it on the paper table cloth. “It  gave  a  beautiful  texture  and  movement, just like a butterfly flapping its wings,” he said. Since that discovery, the 65-year old Dufrenoy has worked hard to prove that wine and art makes for a perfect match. Each  bottle  expresses  the flavor of the land and the personality of the person who make it so Dufrenoy uses their own wine to paint their portraits.

    Today, his new passion has become a full-time occupation. In his palette, wine and art certainly make the perfect combination.

    William Echikson, Wall Street Journal Europe

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Philippe Dufrenoy- The Man Who Paints With Wine
Philippe Dufrenoy is a very talented and unusual painter hailing from Bordeaux, France. What sets him apart from other painters is the medium in which he works... wine.